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All Women Are Beautiful
Beauty is universally shared by women of all ages, nationalities and physical characteristics. The beauty of a woman begins at her conception when providence creates a life which may, one day in turn, create and incubate another life. This endless, maternal chain of reciprocity has created both empires and small tribal families, major cities and tiny villages, powerful nations, as well as small towns. The beauty of women is the divine foundation of all human civilization, both male and female.
Any man who has ever heard his mother shout, "Come inside, before you catch your death of cold," or has had an older sister gently explain why it is important to walk chivalrously on the outside of a lady when escorting her down the street, as well as throughout life, knows the beauty of a woman's insightful wisdom. Whenever a man disrespects his girlfriend or wife through physical harm or verbal humiliation, he not only dishonors himself, but also his daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. A man must strive to respect, recognize and appreciate the inner beauty of all women he encounters throughout his life journey. A life journey which he began inside the dark, safe warmth of a woman's body.
Surrendering to a monoracial, pornographic, or anorexic idealization of beauty, imposed by whatever form of media technology that molded the cultural identity of your particular generation, distorts one's understanding of actual female beauty, which is spiritual, international and all-inclusive in its very nature.
The diverse skin tones women adorn do not give a true measure of their level of physical beauty, but merely indicate how close or far away from the sun their ancestors lived in centuries past. Beauty, as with all things viewed subjectively, can never be judged honestly or measured with any modicum of precision.
A woman's physical size, hair, eyes, nose, lips and appendages cannot be classified or categorized as more or less beautiful than another's because, by searching through a field blanketed by tulips in the spring, or examining a winter sky smothered with snowflakes, one will find that locating an identical match is both futile and irrelevant. Everything the Creator places on earth has an individualized physical stamp and a unique spiritual purpose.
The body weight, hair color, and texture of a woman's skin will transform naturally throughout various stages of her existence because life, as with nature, is always in a constant state of flux. This harmonious, lifetime conversion reminds one of the female beauty inherent in changing seasons, an oceanic tide or transcontinental weather patterns; all marvelously engineered by a neuroskeletal system which bears an intrinsic sensitivity and natural inclination toward nurturing all living organisms that share the planet.
David L. Wadley

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