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Batman Theme, Digitally Remastered, David Wadley
David Wadley, Batman Theme, All Women Are Beautiful
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men, chivalry, hip hop, funk, jazz
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"Make no mistake: you do this, you're going to war. Define the goal. Define the objective. Define the terms of victory. Because if victory means bringing your mother and sister back, you've already lost. If victory means taking revenge for what happened to them, you've already lost. But if the objective is to save just one life, to protect one innocent, to keep one person from having their life shattered in violence... and to come home alive when you're done...then you can prevail."
Colonel Kane
Batman Theme (Remastered) - Written by David Wadley (BMI) and Neal Hefti (ASCAP), Produced by David Wadley and George Sipl, Lead and Background Vocals: David Wadley (Batman, Robin, Batfreak, The Penguin, Bass Vocals, and Synthesized "Batman" Chorus), Raquel Gary (Little Girl), Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drums, and Audio Engineer: George Sipl, Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Ed Sarley, Bass Guitar: Mike Solarz...Recorded and Mixed at Beachwood Studios, Cleveland, Ohio, Digitally Remastered at Aftermaster Audio Labs, Hollywood, California - Senior Mastering Engineer: Peter Doell, Mastering: Nashville Record Productions, Nashville, Tennessee - Mastering Engineer: John Eberle, Audio Conversion: Current Pixel, Atlanta, Georgia - Owner: Tim Rogers, Preservation Artist: Sean Jackson, Audio Archivist: Catherine Wadley, Executive Producers: Dorothy McIntyre and Walter D. Bizzell IV
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Batwoman TV Series, Batwoman at All Women Are Beautiful, Batwoman at AWAB, Batman Theme (Remastered)