Batman Theme, Remastered, David Wadley
Batman Theme, Remastered, David , music videoWadley
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Batman Theme, Remastered, David Wadley
David Wadley, Batman Theme, All Women Are Beautiful
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"Batman Theme" 
by David Wadley
Batman Theme, Extended Version, David Wadley
men, chivalry, hip hop, funk, jazz
batman, bruce lee, jazz, funk, hip hop, chivalry
"Batman Theme" by David Wadley / Written by David Wadley (BMI) and Neal Hefti (ASCAP) / Produced by David Wadley and George Sipl *VOCALS* David Wadley (Batman, Robin, Batfreak, Alfred, The Penguin, Bass Vocals, and synthesized "Batman" chorus) / Raquel Gary (Little Girl) *MUSICIANS* Keyboards, Synthesizers, and Drums: George Sipl / Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Ed Sarley / Bass Guitar: Mike Solarz *RECORDING STUDIOS* Recorded and Mixed at Beachwood Studios, Cleveland, Ohio - Audio Engineer: George Sipl / Remastered at AfterMaster Audio Labs, Hollywood, California - Senior Mastering Engineer: Peter Doell / Audio Conversion: Tonal Park, Takoma Park, Maryland - Senior Mastering Engineer: Randy Leroy / Studio Manager: Mike Petillo *STAFF* Album Cover Photography: Guryanov Andrey (Remastered), NeonShot (Extended Version), and Kiselev Andrey Valerevich (Official Music Video) / Audio Archivist: Catherine Wadley / Executive Producers: Dorothy McIntyre and Walter D. Bizzell IV *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO* Produced and Edited by David Wadley
Batman Theme - Remastered
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Batman Theme - Extended Version
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"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."
Oscar Wilde
“Masks. - There are women who, however you may search them, prove to have no content but are purely masks. The man who associates with such almost spectral, necessarily unsatisfied beings is to be commiserated with, yet it is precisely they who are able to arouse the desire of the man most strongly: he seeks for her soul - and goes on seeking.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

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