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10 Characteristics of


by Maria Flynn

They live fearlessly on the road less traveled. If they don't do this...they'll find themselves bored and tired and their energy will feel as though they are suffocating. They know that unless they live life with purpose and from their heart and soul they'll suffer.

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They communicate from a place of love. Even when it's something that's difficult for you to hear...they know exactly how to deliver the message from a place of love. They love you and people enough to take the risk of delivering information you may not want to hear because they care enough for you to hear it. They also won't take it personally should you disagree. They get how constructive criticism really is for the greatest good for themselves and others.
They understand and utilize intuition. In fact, they'll tap in there first before making any decision. When all signs point right and their gut says left...they'll go left (even if it means they have to do it alone).
They quickly spot the manipulators and create clear boundaries. They may not call them out on it, but they know instinctually to stay away from them as soon as they feel and experience anyone playing on their emotions, or observe them growing impatient and reactive. They highly value and practice discernment.
They love alone time. They don't require fulfillment by being the center of attention, nor do they require constant adornment (they aren't narcissistic). They find nourishment and joy in their own company.
They see through the eyes of love. They want the greatest good for everyone and don't want anyone to be hurting. They'll get out of the way so that the greatest good can be the outcome. If it means that they have to give up something to achieve the greatest good...they will with complete trust that something else will naturally come their way. They trust the process of life.
They bring out the best in people. This is likely why they attract so many people. They're easy to be around and they make any environment an easy place for you to be and they'll love you more for your own true self coming through.
They value understanding and deep conversation. You won't find authentic people gossiping...but you can easily dive into a meaningful conversation that promotes healing and personal growth in all ways. They love to teach as much as they love to learn from others.
They are naturally confident. Authentically confident people are naturally attractive and easily trustworthy because they don't have to prove anything nor recite their past resume to gain your trust and attach a value to themselves. They just are.
They highly value experiences. In fact, they also value freedom in order to have more experiences so they tend to have less "things" and "attachments" so that they go out and experience life even more.

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